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Why We Started This Business: The Inspiring Journey of Our Family-Owned Downsizing Company

Have you ever wondered what inspired us to start our family-owned and operated downsizing business? Well, settle in and let us take you on a journey behind the scenes of how it all began.

Mike and I were both working as managers in a printing company, and to make things even more interesting, we were also married. Life was good until our time at the printing company came to an end. Suddenly, we faced a dilemma - would we have to find separate jobs? We didn't want that. We enjoyed working together and believed there had to be another path for us.

So, with a bit of courage and a whole lot of determination, we packed up our car and headed to Myrtle Beach for a well-deserved vacation. But little did we know that this trip would change our lives forever. During our time away, we stumbled upon a business plan workbook for starting a cleaning business. Yes, you read that right - a workbook from a bookstore that would become the foundation of our dreams.

But wait, there's more! While enjoying our time in Myrtle Beach, we received the incredible news that we were expecting a baby. Talk about an added dose of excitement and stress!

Of course, not everyone understood our vision. Many thought we were crazy to venture into entrepreneurship with a baby on the way. They urged us to find "real jobs." But deep down, we knew we had something special. We had each other's unwavering support and that business plan we wrote on the beach.

With just three cleaning customers to start, we quickly gained referrals, and our business expanded faster than we could have imagined. It was both thrilling and terrifying. People often talked about how challenging it was to build a business, especially without prior experience or a family history of entrepreneurship. But we were determined to prove them wrong.

Together, we embraced the cleaning business model, hiring help as needed. We were determined to provide anything and everything our customers needed, avoiding cookie-cutter approaches. Mike's talent for home maintenance became a valuable asset. And then, a turning point arrived within our first year.

One of our clients mentioned his overwhelming situation with his dad's estate, and without hesitation, we said, "Can we help?” From that moment, we took on the role of estate concierges. We handled everything from start to finish, even organizing a memorable farewell party in his old home. That experience became the catalyst for our sister company, Estate Concierge & Downsizing.

We discovered new skills along the way. From making curtains to doing laundry, ironing, and refinishing furniture, we became modern-day butlers, adapting to meet every client's unique needs. Our business continued to grow, fueled by our passion for helping others and our unwavering commitment to quality service.

Today, we couldn't be happier with our business. It has become our home away from home, a creative outlet that brings smiles and comfort to people's lives on a daily basis. We consider it a privilege to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients. There's truly nothing better than that.

As we look to the future, we can't help but feel excited. With 26 years of experience, a roster of repeat clients, and word-of-mouth referrals reaching far and wide, we've become experts in our field. Our unique set of skills and compassionate approach have set us apart. We envision expanding further, establishing additional teams to help others in different areas.

So, that's the story of why we started this business. It's a tale of passion, perseverance, and the belief that together, we can create something remarkable. We invite you to join us on this journey, as we continue to bring comfort, joy, and a touch of magic to the lives of those we serve.

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Caroline Maurice Co-Owner Estate Concierge & Downsizing

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