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Hoarding Alleviation And Organization

We understand, and we can help!

The Fresh Start Approach

Estate Concierge & Downsizing Service offers a
Fresh Start Program delivered with care and compassion. 

We have the expertise to develop custom plans and execute solutions that prioritize health, safety and human dignity. 

The Fresh Start approach creates a maintainable living environment for our clients. It fosters success and removes feelings like shame and blame.  We know there are situations in life that over time cause clutter to happen to you, nobody just wakes up one morning in their present circumstances.

Mike Maurice and Caroline Maurice of Estate Concierge and Downsizing Services in Burlington, ON

Why Our Fresh Start Program Works

Having been in the professional cleaning and organizing business for over 20 years we have extensive knowledge, experience, and manpower with highly effective skills.  We also have the most up-to-date technology in our industry, and so combined, we can combat any situation that may arise regardless of the level of clutter and deterioration.  Our individualized plans are developed by Life Coach and Mentor Caroline Maurice, setting us apart from other businesses and services that can only address the physical space.

Our 10 Point Program Can Include:


   Risk assessment & the removal of all hazardous & toxic materials, excrement & garbage. 

   Waste removal & disposal

   Sanitization treatments for elimination of mold, mildew, bacteria & viruses  

   Fumigation for pest and rodent control

   Professional deep cleaning including carpets and appliances 

   Removal of carpet, baseboard, flooring and drywall where necessary

   Effective odor elimination treatments using ozonation

   Re-establishing safe maintainable spaces

   Ongoing check-in and maintenance 

It Is Going To Be Okay: 

"We know the solution is not as simple as going in, cleaning up and then simply pushing reset. There is a magnitude of emotions involved for people who are disorganized excessive collectors, and those with formalized Hoarding Disorder. There can be fear and grief when deciding to let go of things, and feelings of anger and violation when personal items are arranged by others. As professionals, we understand it is not the person's compulsive thoughts to keep and collect things that create their greatest upset. Instead, it is when their dysfunctional thinking is challenged and interventions are initiated that the individual's distress can be at its greatest. For this reason, our Fresh Start therapeutic approach is empowering, not disabling. We work together with our clients, demonstrating care and compassion always. We create spaces together that are functional, prioritized, and safe. For example, items of importance previously buried or broken can be restored and reclaimed back to the forefront of their life.  We aim to create a sense of control and gain around the changes, not embarrassment, loss or resentment" 


-Caroline Maurice, Co-Founder, Estate Concierge

Getting Ready to Sell Your Home

"On the personal side we realize clearing out items that once were the possessions of a loved one or someone who has become infirm, can be an emotionally difficult time.  We are here for you and want to take all of the burden of this work off your shoulders".
-Caroline Maurice  

Professional Organizing

There’s no question—clutter adds chaos to your life.  Getting organized and releasing items you no longer use or love is a liberating experience that will transform your life. We are your solution!  At Estate Concierge & Downsizing Services, we help busy homeowners have more freedom and enjoy life.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter; if you are continually running behind schedule; or if you just don’t know where to start to get the control back, then hiring a professional organizer is a good idea. Sometimes just having someone to point you in the right direction, or to work side by side with you through the process is all it takes to get you back on track. You’ll love the owner, Caroline!

Are you ready for help?

When is it time to ask for help?

Here are some indications that you might need our help:


You don’t feel comfortable or content in your own personal space?

Desks, tables and ledges are covered with bills, mail & papers?

Unable to find items and documents quickly and easily?

Closets crammed full of clothes, shoes, purses, etc?

Clothes scattered over the floor in the bedroom, bathroom and/or laundry room?

Garage so filled with junk you can’t park your car? Or find the Christmas tree when it’s time to decorate?

Find you are buying the same things over and over again (clothes, make-up, office and craft supplies)?

Basement is a dark, cobwebbed dungeon that no one ventures into?

Is your house shrinking? There’s not enough room in your home?

Boxes piling up?

Too embarrassed to have company over?

Garbage, Junk & Hazardous Waste Removal Services

The process of organizing, downsizing and moving often produces a lot of things that need to be removed from a home.  Our experienced staff will clear out whatever it is that needs to be eliminated from inside and around your property.  Estate Concierge and Downsizing Service adheres to safety protocols, local by-laws, and all regional recycling mandates in this process.  Whether you need to purge old paint cans, medical supplies, years of clothing, or a broken nightside table, we can help you prioritize & organize what needs to go, where it needs to go, and then get it there for you.  


Let us do what we love and take the stress away of clearing, cleaning and organizing your home.
We are here for you when you are ready. Taking the first step can be hard, but it will be worth it.


Looking for Professional Cleaning Serivces?

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