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From Start to Sold and Beyond

We are the estate professionals ready to support you and deliver solutions with every aspect of downsizing and selling your home.

Because when you are in a time of transition and loss,
we can be there to help make this easier.

They took the stress out of everything!
"We hired this company to help my Aunt downsize 40 years of collecting. It was an enormous and daunting job and we couldn't have done it without them"

We should have called them from the very beginning! 
We absolutely loved working with Caroline and Mike, and valued above all is their sensitivity, thoughtfulness, hard work, positive energy and personal approach !"

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Does staring at rooms full of furniture, knick knacks,
clothing and clutter make you feel overwhelmed?

Do you wish you could stop worrying about

emptying drawers, cupboards and closets?

Are you dreading having your family’s

belongings discarded as junk?

We know that at this point in your life, having an expert estate and real estate team to organize, distribute and liquify your goods, and get your home in the best shape it can to resell is priceless. Having someone to do the heavy lifting, organizing, deep cleaning and staging of your home and selling is going to save you time and stress. 


You don't want just anyone going through your estate. 
You’re looking for a team who can ensure that the entire process is handled with respect, trust and compassion.

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We’ve seen it all. Don’t feel guilty or embarrassed at the current state of your situation. We understand, and we would never judge.

Having the right support can make a challenging time feel easier. We are here to represent your best interest and take the hard work off of your plate.

How Can We Help You?

Estate Concierge Services

Full Estate Closures Services
The ultimate support for organizing, liquifying, clearing, cleaning, staging and selling a home with compassion. 

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Downsizing/ Moving Assistance
Support for pairing down your possessions, appraising, selling and donating the remainder and moving you to your new home.

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Hoarding Alleviation and Organization
The professional support needed to make a healthy, safe and organized fresh start.

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What People Are Saying...

26+ Years in Business

We know that your family member’s belongings hold value. On top of offering Real Estate Services, we have seasoned appraisers for things like antiques, vintage clothing, jewelry, gold, silver coins and stamps, pottery etc. to make sure that you know what is of value and how to liquidate it fast. Rest assured, the remaining items will be donated to the community or to families in need who are tremendously grateful for your generosity.

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Where Do I Even Start?

1. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.
After filling out our contact form, we will give you a call and ask you more details about the scope of your project. We love to come and see the home in-person, and give a more precise quote at that time.
2. Decide on what level of estate and real estate  support you need.
Depending on the size of your project, we are here to help every step of the way. From downsizing, moving, staging and selling, we can do it all.
3. Allow us to do what we do best.
Watch as we organize, clear, clean and stage your home with professionalism, list the house and sell it all with your best interest in mind.  

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Meet Caroline & Mike,

Hello! We are the founders of Estate Concierge. We started this business with a dream to help people right when they are most in need. 

From our largest estate project to our small favours, we go to bed at night knowing we have made a difference.

We operate a community conscious business with a green approach.  Whenever possible we recycle left over home contents through donation.  This keeps many things from ending up in landfills and transforms no longer needed items back into treasures again.

We would love to help you with your estate selling, downsizing or professional cleaning needs, but first, feel free to read more about how and why we started this business.

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Wondering what our best option is for working together?  Give us a call!

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