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Downsizing: How to Overcome Challenges and Maximize Efficiency

Downsizing can be a daunting process that often leaves people feeling demotivated. To ensure a smooth transition, it's important to avoid common mistakes that can hinder progress. Let's explore some of these pitfalls and discover practical solutions for a successful downsizing experience.

These tips are brought to you by myself and my downsizing team with twenty-six years of downsizing and estate clearing experience. If you want to learn more about us, Click here.

Mistake: Tackling low-impact tasks first, such as sorting drawers and shelves with small items. While these tasks may seem appealing, they can leave you feeling discouraged at the end of the day due to limited visible progress.

Instead: Begin by focusing on 2-3 high-impact jobs, such as decluttering clothing, magazines, or recycling/garbage. These tasks create noticeable space in your home quickly, providing you with a sense of accomplishment from the start.

Mistake: Disrupting your living space prematurely. Avoid boxing up items when there is still ample time until your move. It's essential to maintain a comfortable living environment throughout the downsizing process.

Instead: Start by organizing items you won't immediately need, such as decorations and off-season clothing that you plan to keep. Clearly label boxes to streamline the process. Remember, if a realtor says you need to completely clear your home, you can still utilize your own belongings to tastefully stage your home for resale, preserving the livability of your space.

Mistake: Storing boxed items in the basement. This approach often leads to unnecessary handling of items, wasting time and energy.

Instead: Optimize efficiency by placing boxed items near the exit door instead of relegating them to the basement. Minimizing unnecessary movements and repetition saves valuable time and effort.

Mistake: Attempting to downsize alone without seeking professional guidance.

Instead: Seek advice from a downsizing expert and a reputable real estate agent. Research and consult professionals who can provide valuable insights and recommendations. Considering different perspectives will help you develop a well-rounded downsizing strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Mistake: Underestimating the time required for downsizing, thinking it can be completed in a weekend.

Instead: Avoid rushing through the process. Our experience has shown that clients who allow themselves more time to transition, by extending the period between moving out and selling their old home, experience significantly less stress. If financially viable, move the items you wish to keep and allocate time for your family to distribute the remaining belongings. This approach is especially beneficial for individuals coping with dementia or grief.

Mistake: Neglecting your plants and landscaping during the downsizing process.

Instead: Prioritize your plants and garden. Consider uprooting perennials, such as bleeding hearts, that you wish to keep. Transplanting them is often a straightforward process, and they tend to thrive. Continue watering your plants and maintaining your garden, as this can enhance the resale value of your property.

If you require assistance with your downsizing project, we are here to help. With twenty-six years of experience in both Canada and the USA, our team is well-equipped to guide you through this transformative journey. Feel free to reach out to us by emailing or by Clicking Here.

We look forward to speaking with you about your unique downsizing needs.

Caroline Maurice

Co-Owner, Estate Concierge and Downsizing

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