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The Best Budget-Friendly Ways to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Updated: Feb 17

If you have a home, and you want to sell it, you probably want to get the most revenue possible. As an estate and real estate team, we’ve helped hundreds of clients in completing the tasks necessary to get top-dollar in today’s market, and there are a few things we want to share with you to help increase the value of your home.

The first thing that we want you to do, before you decide to repaint, rip up flooring or install new hardware on your cupboards, is to formulate a very clear goal for how you want the sale of your home to go. In this plan, you need to consider a few things such as:

-How soon do you need to sell the home? Having a date on the calendar can be very motivating and can determine which renovations you choose based on how long they will take. It can also instill a sense of urgency if working with a team.

-Will any of this work have an emotional tie, and will time be needed to adjust? We see this a lot when a loved one has passed or is choosing to downsize and the home needs to be cleared before the sale. So much of estate clearing is emotional work, and can be very draining for you and your family. This is a part of the process we highly recommend not to rush, and to hire help for. (Read our article about how to find the right help HERE)

-Do you have other people that you need to consider? For example: if you are selling your parents home and you have a co-executor, like a sibling, to discuss repairs with, that can take time in coordinating. OR, if you are downsizing at a time of year or season that will be rough on the individual moving, perhaps consider moving the timeline to a time that works better for them.

-Do I have the money up front to handle these repairs? It is advantageous to discuss your revenue and repairs goals with your professional estate and real estate team (like estate concierge) to help figure out the best plan of action. Some companies, like ours, can front the cost of the repairs. This may open up your options for which type of work and repairs you will complete and significantly simplify the process when funds are in fixed investments and complicated to access

Once your plan is in place, you can have more clarity based on a clear timeline, goals, and budget. Below are a list of common things we have helped our clients do in order to increase the resale value of their home.

Replace the knobs of kitchen cabinets and doors. Make your home look like new by replacing the knobs in your kitchen cabinets. Think of the overall style of your home and choose cabinet hardware to fit your theme. As well as on your kitchen cabinets, replace the doorknobs on your closet, bedroom and bathroom doors. You can even consider painting cupboards if in disrepair or replacing old caulking too.

Fix loose wires and leaky faucets. Hire an electrician or plumber to spruce up your home by checking for loose wires, faulty outlets and water leaks. If you're selling your home, invest the extra couple of hours to investigate these small details. This may even be a good time to change outdated or broken light fixtures. It wouldn’t hurt to also replace switch plates if discoloured or have been painted over. Potential homebuyers will appreciate the care you've put into your home.

Update your flooring. Flooring is a huge selling point for potential homebuyers. You can easily replace flooring in a long weekend. To save money, consider investing in an area rug to cover stains rather than replacing your carpet altogether.

Declutter and stage your home well. When potential buyers walk into the home, you want it to feel like a blank canvas so that they can imagine their life in your home. Do this by removing 50-70% of the personal items from rooms, closets and shelves. Take down artwork that feels cluttered or is of a personal nature like portraits. Adding a fresh coat of paint, or taking down old wallpaper may be a good idea too. Keep things minimalist wherever possible.

Are you looking for help? You can learn more about how the professional team at Estate Concierge and Downsizing can make the sale of your home smooth, stress free and profitable from the start to sold!

Contact us if you would like to chat about our services, provided across Canada and USA. Contact Us HERE. Sincerely,

Caroline Maurice,

Owner, Founder

Estate Concierge and Downsizing

Burlington, ON


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