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Reasons Why it is a Good Idea to Put an Estate Company in Your Will

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

A client had been working with us to downsize her mother’s estate and move her into a long-term care home. As we were finishing up the project, she said “Wow, how do I make sure you are here to help my family when it is my turn to do this?” The answer to us was simple, write your estate company into your will.

Here’s the thing, when you write your will, you are intentionally deciding who gets what and what goes where, and in the back of your mind you know that this legal document will make things go smoother for your family when the day comes to divide your possessions and assets.

Wills are relied upon, and are not very disputable. Here are a few reasons why we have recommended to clients that they write an Estate company into their will to further support their family at a time of grief and loss.

1. Writing an estate company into your will will take the pressure off the family in more ways than one. You name all your big items (like investments, money, property) in a will, but if you add an estate company to work on the small items- which can be more difficult and overwhelming, your family will have less on their plate. We are talking about removing food from the refrigerator, personal care items, cleaning supplies, clothing, things that may not seem of value, but someone is going to have to remove from the home. When there is an outside company that is trusted and knows your wishes, it can make the entire process far less stressful. It can also remove jealousy and family tension if people have different ideas, during intense grief, and alleviate stress from relationship dynamics. 2. Writing an estate company into your will can ensure your wishes are followed by your specific timelines. The best way to ensure everything will be handled professionally and expertly is to hire help and clearly communicate your expectations. Your personal wishes will be followed and by your timelines too. Oftentimes, we see families with a lack of free time to commit to clearing an estate, and as time passes, it can get expensive. Let your family grieve. Write an estate company into your will who can do the work on your timeline, saving your family time and money.

3. Writing an estate company into your will can also help keep private things private. Believe it or not, some people don’t want their kids going through their diaries, journals, or private letters. When hiring an estate company, you can be specific and state anything of a personal nature please destroy. Do you really want your son in law going through your underwear drawer? Or your daughter reading risky letters? Sometimes your family doesn’t even know where to look for these items and they are found by surprise. Hidden things like tapped love letters under dresser drawers, or the teacup in the back of a cupboard with jewelry in it, are things you can tell an estate company ahead of time. Which leads up to number four.

4. Writing an estate company into your will can help your family know where valuable things are hidden. I have worked with clients who had no idea that there were bags of money hidden in the walls, or expensive jewelry hidden in nooks. I heard on the news recently that a couple bought a house and found a stash of cash in the walls after starting a bathroom renovation. That money is theirs now. When you write an estate company into your will, you can disclose that information to us so that your family is the recipient.

If you are nodding along thinking this is a good idea, all you need to do is add a line in your will that states: I would like Estate Concierge [or insert estate company name] to take care of the estate clearing and selling or contents. And then the decision has been made and the burden is off of the family. It does not mean that your family will have zero say, but, a professional will be there to support the process of how to equitably divide things. We can chat more about your concerns if you’re willing. Contact Us HERE.

Overall, we know that writing wills and thinking about the end is pretty morbid. But know that the more you prepare for that day, the more your family will feel supported and will have proper time and space to grieve.

Caroline Maurice

Co-Founder Estate Concierge & Downsizing

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