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Mike Maurice

  A Message From Mike Maurice

  "We created our business with a vision of making a difference.  I want to make people’s lives easier by       assisting them to solve t heir problems with practical and innovative solutions.  I want to share my skills,                 my experience, and my expertise in ways that really count.  I am so grateful for the many customers that have       put their trust in us, demonstrated repeated loyalty & provided countless referrals over the 20 plus years that   we have been in business  ”.                                                                                                                                                MikeMaurice

Our Custom Home Services

We have thought of everything to make your home transition turn key.  Whether you require an extra set of hands or you need us to do it all, we can and and we will.  If you have a problem, we have the solution.  P lea se find below the most common services provided. This list is not exhaustive and each service is customizable, making sure you are completely supported.   

Estate Clean - Up, Sales & Closing



Junk Removal

Hoarding Alleviation Program

Dispersing Belongings

Facilitating Donations

Categorizing Personal Documents


Sorting/Allocation of Contents


Transition Coaching

Relocating Assistance

Professional Cleaning

Window Washing

Carpet Cleaning/Removal

Hazardous waste disposal

Garden Clean - up

Professional Painting

Wallpaper Removal


Ozonating Odor Elimination

Antimicrobial Electrostatic Spraying

Packing/ Unpacking

Moving In/Out

Asset Liquidation - gold, silver, coins watches & jewelry

        And More ,  Just Ask!

Furniture wrapped in bubble wrap
Furniture wrapped in bubble wrap
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Fighting COVID-19 Head On:  

You need disinfecting and virucidal treatments even more than ever amid the current COVID-19 outbreak .  We want you to know we are here to help you effectively sanitize and disinfect your living & working spaces, in fact your cleaning needs are our #1 priority.   You can put complete trust in us knowing we use the leading industry equipment, products, and protocols when it comes to the health & safety of your family.   We also can assist businesses looking to re-open their doors and provide assurance to their customers and their employees that they are taking the most effective measures possible as we all together navigate the current pandemic situation. 


In addition to our regular cleaning and disinfecting services we provide the following treatments to eradicate bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 that may be lingering on your common household surfaces.

High Traffic & Contact Surfaces                                        Virucidal treatments starting at $25

Our powerful virucidal cleaning treatment provides your family peace of mind.  We apply it directly on the high traffic & high contact surfaces such as entrances, light switches, faucets, counter tops and more.  Our virucidal agent is virtually odorless.  It is safe for use around children, animals, and on food contact surfaces.  Furthermore, it is endorsed by Health Canada as being effective against COVID-19 .  Our sanitizing protocol involves manually applying our agent using our very own developed premium microfiber cleaning cloths.  These cloths trap dirt and bacteria within the tiny and plentiful fibers that regular cloths miss or cross contaminate.  Imagine it is like Velcro for germs.  Our M-Cloths can be effective in removing 98.9% of bacteria on smooth surfaces, add our powerful virucidal agent and this is increased.  In contrast, a conventional cotton cloth with using bleach is only 92% effective.  Our virucidal treatment option also provides the highest standard in killing bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and with 3000 ppm of active  germicide it is also effective against a wide variety of other pathogenic microorganisms.    


Extended Full Coverage                             Antimicrobial treatments starting at $100

Our antimicrobial electrostatic spraying treatment can provide you with a sense of protection & prevention against virus and bacteria that reside in your live, play and workspaces.  When used with our powerful antimicrobial agent this treatment is effective in killing pathogens not only on non-porous and porous surfaces, but also destroying those lingering in the air.  This is because the product is dispersed as a fine micro-mist that can penetrate the hardest to access spaces.  Making this treatment even more desirable is it's extended coverage, as not only does it actively kill virus, bacteria and molds on contact,  it also inhibits growth for up to 30 days!                                                        


 We use Victory Innovations' Electrostatic sprayer.  This sprayer has been widely tested and is currently being used in hospitals, pharmacies, daycares, schools, and businesses.  It's effectiveness comes through its delivery system of electrically charging the antimicrobial solution before it disperses it into the air and onto surfaces.   A charged solution that is applied in micro-droplets has a strong affinity for conductive surfaces.  This creates an even distribution of the product, keeps the product in place so it doesn't drip or run off, and it eliminates the risk of cross contaminating surfaces (touchless application).   

Our antimicrobial solution used in our sprayers is virtually odorless.  It is a powerful, effective agent approved by Health Canada and registered by EPA .  It destroys many pathogens such as E. coli,  Salmonella,  Listeria,  Influenza and  COVID-19.   It is safe for use on most surfaces including carpets, fabrics, natural stone, and plastics.  It is approved for use around children, pets, and direct food contact surfaces.   Best of all it provides a huge peace of mind becuase it literally destroys virus and bacteria within 60 seconds of being applied AND remains actively combating new contaminants for 30 days!


Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Our very own custom M-Cloth was developed right here in Burlington by Caroline Maurice.  Our cloths are a powerful cleaning & disinfecting tool.  Our carefully selected microfiber cleans as expected, by trapping any visable dirt & debris without streaking .  Our M-cloths have a 7x absorbancy rate because of their tiny and plentiful fibers.  When used with water alone they are proven to remove 98.9% of tiny microscopic pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Compare this to a regular cotton cloth treated with bleach which only yeilds a 92% effectiveness.  Besides these great qualities, our durable M-Cloths  dry faster,  do not require chemicals, and are gentle on your hands, and last longer then traditional cloths. 

Add this powerful tool to your daily cleaning routine today! 

Set Of Premium Cloths  $45  or $10 Each 


Everyone loves the look and feel of a freshly painted room.  So whether your house needs an update, your deck needs staining, or you are considering a garage floor application, we can help.  Mike has been a professional painter for over 25 years.  He will paint any room or surface in your home, interior or exterior with the straightest edges you will ever see.   And remember most Realtors will recommend a fresh coat of neutral paint throughout your home before listing.  


Antibacterial & Microbial Fogging 

Our fogging equipment combined with our powerful disinfectant can be your best defense against virus, mold, and bacteria lurking in your home.  Using vaporized technology, fogging is leading the battle against air-born pathogens and those found lingering in hard to reach places.  The treatment is effective on non-porous and porous surfaces as well as safe on fabrics such as carpets, drapery and upolstery.  Its is virtually odorless and it posses no risk to children or pets.  Fogging takes advantage of naturally occurring microbes to destroy the microscopic particles of common household germs and viruses. The process is effective in destroying and  inhibing the future growth of these nasties as well.  The air atomizing nozzle of the sprayer is a hybrid that is designed to disperse disinfectant, then further atomize by being blasted with compressed air.  Our fogging process creates a 360 degree clean coverage, the same process that is used in hospitals, daycares and schools.   



Bad odors produced from the breakdown of organic componds not only smell horrible but they can be bad for your health.   Mold, mildew, musty strong body odors, animal excrement, smoke, diapers, food rot, and strong cooking aromas can all create an environment that is unpleasent to the senses and evokes negative associations.  Bad smells in our experience are one of the top reasons why a property may sits longer on the market and not bring in top dollar returns.   Fact is, you can see past a non desireable paint color choice but smells stay in the nose!  Sometimes even after a thourough deep cleaning and even painting, there are still smells that can persist.  When this is the case you need options.  Using ozonating technology we are able to reduce and in most cases eliminate all lingering odors.  Please note service is done with pets and family members off the premises until the ozone levels safely dissipates.  We are happy to review the full treatment procudure when you give us a call.     

Reader’s Choice Diamond Award

Estate Concierge & Downsizing Services holds the most recent Reader’s Choice Award for Window Cleaning. This is the top award and is chosen by you—the people—our valued customers.

Reader’s Choice Diamond Award

Give Us Your “Honey-Do” List

Listen to what our happy, repeat customers have been saying about Mike for over 20 years, he’s amazing! Mike will leave you with valuable time to spend on the things that are important to you. The job will be done professionally and we’ll take care of the set-up, supply all the necessary tools, and leave your home spotless!


Estate Concierge & Downsizing Services is all about developing long term relationships (although we do lots of one time jobs too!) Customers love that we get know your homes, pets, and kids and often Mike can clean your windows, carpets, or other home maintenance jobs on the same day as your clean.

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~ Steven R. Covey Author, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People